Free Legal Assistance

Article 119 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978 provides that “justice shall be free when the law so provides and, in any case, in respect of those who prove insufficient resources for litigation”. The right to free justice for those who lack sufficient resources, with constitutional status, has been developed by Law 1/1996 of 10 January on Free Legal Assistance, as well as by the various regulations under development.

The concession of the benefit of free justice gives the members of the public the right, among other things, to the appointment of an ex-officio lawyer who will study their claim and, if necessary, defend them in legal proceedings.

Free legal aid is a public service that guarantees equal access to justice for those who cannot afford to litigate. The management of this service is entrusted to the Bar Associations.

Legal Aid is the system through which the Bars proceed to appoint lawyers to those who need legal defence, but the services that are provided by these lawyers will only be free for those who can prove that they lack economic resources.