The Bar’s Governing Board is its governing body and consists of the Dean and thirteen Deputies, including the Treasurer, the Librarian and the Secretary.

The Governing Board is responsible, among other things, for:

  • Submitting specific issues of collegial interest for consultation
  • Approving, suspending or denying the incorporation of new members and set the fees
  • Ensuring that lawyers can exercise their profession independently and freely
  • Ensuring the proper conduct of lawyers before Judges and Courts
  • Exercising the necessary actions to avoid intrusion and unfair competition
  • Proposing and advising on guiding criteria for professional fees
  • Regulating the provision of free legal aid services
  • Issuing consultations and opinions, mediating between professionals and conducting arbitrations
  • Calling an Ordinary or Extraordinary General Meeting, stating its agenda
  • Exercising deontological control of the profession and its disciplinary authority
  • Making proposals to the public authorities when it is beneficial to the common good
  • Regulating, distributing and managing the funds of the Association and formulating its budget
  • Organising, directing and supervising the activity of the Departments and Services of the Association
  • Appointing the representatives of the Association before corporate or professional bodies

The current Governing Board of the Madrid Bar Association is composed of:



Most Honourable Mr José María Alonso Puig


1st Deputy

Vice Dean
Honourable Ms Begoña Castro Jover

2nd Deputy

Honourable Ms Ángela Cerrillos Valledor

3rd Deputy

Honourable Mr Eugenio Ribón Seisdedos

4th Deputy

Honourable Ms María Dolores Fernández Campillo

5th Deputy

Honourable Mr Juan Gonzalo Ospina Serrano

6th Deputy

Honourable Mr Manuel José Martín Martín

7th Deputy

Honourable Mr Luis Fernando Guerra García

8th Deputy

Honourable Mr Raúl Ochoa Marco

9th Deputy

Honourable Ms María Segimón de Manzanos

10th Deputy

Honourable Ms Esther Montalvá Medina


Honourable Ms Mabel Zapata Cirugeda Espinosa


Honourable Mr Emilio Ramírez Matos


Honourable Mr José Ignacio Monedero Montero de Espinosa

Deputy on Call

The Governing Board of the Bar Association has returned to the traditional figure of the Deputy on Call, in order to offer a direct service to members.

The Deputy on Call Service is available to any member 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Since its reimplantation, this service attends an average of three to five consultations a day, which confirms its necessity and usefulness for lawyers.

Contact phone number : 917 889 384 / 914 369 908.