The conditions for being part of the list of ICAM’s Bankruptcy Trustees are as follows:

1 .- Be a practising lawyer with five years of effective professional experience in the practice of law, and documented evidence of specialised training in Bankruptcy Law.

2 .- To be a professional company made up of at least one practising lawyer and an economist, with a degree in commerce or auditing, and to guarantee due independence and dedication in carrying out the functions of bankruptcy administration. In this case, the lawyer, who will represent the company in the exercise of the position, must accredit five years of effective professional experience in the practice of law and provide documented evidence of specialised training in Bankruptcy Law.

At the time of applying for inclusion in the lists, both lawyers and professional companies must state:

a) their availability for the development of the function of bankruptcy trustee,

b) and, in any case, their commitment to continue training in this area.

Likewise, both natural and legal persons (the natural persons who are members of it) may request that their experience as bankruptcy trustees or delegated assistants in other competitions be included in the list, as well as other special knowledge or training that may be relevant to their function. To this end, it will be necessary to attach to the application form the applicant’s CV, as well as the necessary documents proving both professional experience and training.



To register in the Register of Bankruptcy Trustees of the Bar Association, you must fill in the application form, through the APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION, and attach all the required documentation in pdf format. This application shall be submitted to the Legal Services Department of the Association, duly completed and signed, together with the original documentation supporting it for comparison.

At any time and with the aim of accrediting the continuous training required by the bankruptcy law, the data in the Register may be updated through DATA CONSULTATION AND UPDATING by attaching the corresponding documentation in pdf format. In this sense, for the purposes of introducing any modification relating to training in bankruptcy matters, it shall be necessary for the same to be accredited by means of the corresponding certificate, degree or other documentary evidence, in order for it to be collated by the Legal Services Department of the Bar Association. Where this training has been carried out at the Madrid Bar Association, it shall be necessary to provide the specific details of the master’s degree, course, symposium, conference, seminar or paper, so that the corresponding accreditation may be obtained directly from the Bar Attention Service.


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