Through the Department of Deontology, the Governing Board exercises the power of deontological control and, where appropriate, disciplinary action for the professional performance of lawyers.

The Madrid Bar Association has the power to impose sanctions in order to be able to purge possible professional responsibilities of members of the Bar who may not comply with the regulations governing professional ethics in the exercise of their activity.
If a complaint is made against a lawyer, the complaint can be dismissed without any further action, or prior information can be provided, or disciplinary proceedings can be initiated.

In 2015, the 1st Deontological Guide was drawn up. This document establishes in a didactic way the framework of the professional obligations and rights of lawyers.

On the other hand, the consultation service tries to solve the doubts raised by the practising members in relation to the interpretation and application of the deontological regulations and its transposition to the daily exercise of the profession.

Consultations shall be made in writing:

Consultations are assessed in writing.


Code of Ethics for Lawyers

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