How can I participate in pro bono programs? I am a SOCIAL ENTITY or UNIVERSITY

Those non-profit social entities that pursue purposes of general interest, with registered office in Spain, headquarters in the Community of Madrid, and meeting the following requirements, may participate in pro bono projects:

  • Have the registration in the corresponding registry.
  • When their legal form is that of association, they must have accredited the declaration of public utility, unless the object of the pro bono is declared of public utility.
  • To include in its statutory regulations the care for people in situations of inequality, risk of social exclusion, promotion of education and culture, protection of the environment or any other purpose that represents a benefit for society.
  • Religious entities that are registered as charitable organizations and have a secular activity independent of the religious one.
  • Have signed an agreement on pro bono work with CRSAM.

That social entity interested in accessing this service, simply follow the steps described below:

To register as an entity participating in the CRSAM you must fill out the online form for social entities or universities, which you will find at the bottom of the page, thus requesting your participation in our program.

  • Once the participation request has been accepted, the entities can make pro bono help requests to the CRSAM, which will be in charge of publishing through the private part of the web and an email alert system to those lawyers who have the profile to take charge of them.
  • The CRSAM will formalize the relationship with social entities or universities through the signing of an agreement on pro bono work.
  • The CRSAM will provide the entity with a username and password to access the private area and formulate requests for training or legal advice.
  • There may be more than one attorney interested in a request for pro bono help. In this case, it will be the company that chooses which lawyer to work with.
  • CRSAM acts as an intermediary between volunteer lawyers and social entities. Their role is to connect stakeholders and provide information on volunteer opportunities, never to provide legal services.
  • Once a lawyer decides to accept the request for pro bono help, they must sign an agreement with the entity, an agreement that will be provided for this purpose by CRSAM.
  • In order to maintain quality standards in the pro bono work program, the CRSAM will periodically carry out surveys and hold interviews, both with lawyers and with social entities, in order to evaluate the operation of the service and improve it day by day.

For any questions or queries, contact us from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the phone: 91 788 93 80 (ext. 1930 or 1881) or by email through: